SFA Partners’ Deal Day
Nov 14, 2019
05:00 PM - 09:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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We like to invite you to join us for our SFA Partners’ Deal Day on 14th November 2019 from 5pm to 9pm. We aim to provide you a high-quality networking experience that enables you to meet with startups, corporates and other investors in our FinTech ecosystem in the most time-efficient way. We will connect you with up-and-coming startups, investors and business owners in the form of well-matched 1:1 meetings using our advanced matchmaking tool.

SFA Partners’ Deal Day has 2 main features: FinTech Business Matchmaking and FinTech Pitch Day aka “Shark Tank”.

FinTech Business Matchmaking

Pre-event Attendee Criteria: This is a closed, invite-only networking event for SFA partners, VCs and startups. We require all attendees to provide clear and accurate information about themselves, their company, their interests and preferences. These are important steps to creating and ensuring all meetings setup are productive and effective.

Prearranged Meeting Points: You can schedule and meet for 20mins at assigned tables for each session. Each meeting session will end after 20mins and the tables will be reassigned after. You can schedule up to 7 meetings so make sure you start matching as soon as possible!

Advanced Matchmaking Tool: All attendees of SFA Partners’ Deal Day will have access to our advanced matchmaking tool. You will be able to check all the attendees, learn their preferences and their requirements, review your match % with others and meet with those most relevant to your needs in a 1:1 meeting.

FinTech Pitch Contest aka “Shark Tank”

Most Promising International Startups: SFA & Partners will carefully curate a list of the most promising international startups and match them according to the requirement and interest of the participating venture capital funds, investment platforms or family offices.

“Shark Tank” Presentation: Startups will have 10mins to pitch and present their business product to 3-4 venture capital funds, investment platforms or family offices. There will be 5mins of Q&A after the pitch. Information of the participating startups, venture capital funds, investment platforms and family offices will be shared before the session.


Organiser : Singapore Fintech Association

Singapore Fintech Association

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SFA Partners’ Deal Day

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